We are North

Inspired by the potential in impossibility.

What we believe in

Together, technology and people are limitless.

Right now technology is seen by many as a distraction. You either engage with a device or you engage with life. This makes sense because technology doesn’t always seamlessly fit into our lives — and this is what we aim to fix.

At North, we’re building a future where technology is human-centric, discreetly built into fundamental parts of our lives that already exist.

We believe that the relationship between people and technology shouldn’t be an “either, or” — it should be a powerful partnership, because together they are much greater than either one alone.

We're making the impossible possible



With applications across medicine, music and business, Myo made digital interactions completely hands-free.



Our next chapter, Focals give you instant access to the information you need so you can have peace of mind, wherever you go.

“We’ve brought everything in-house to make a product people said was impossible to create. That includes R&D, advanced manufacturing, retail, product design and more.”
– Stephen Lake, CEO

People are our greatest asset

With over 400 people spanning four offices across North America, we’re a world-class crew of futurists, engineers, and designers always looking to add new innovators to the team.

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They may not look like it, but these are smart glasses. They’re called Focals, and made by North.
From the front, they looked...like glasses. Stylish ones.
Focals are the stylish smart glasses you've been waiting for.
North believes it can succeed by making smart glasses with the wearer, not the technology, as its biggest priority.
The Globe and Mail
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