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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Focals?

Focals are a pair of stylish smart glasses with a transparent, holographic display that only you can see. This display floats an arm’s length in front of you and connects you to the people you care about, the information you need and the places you want to go. They are available with either prescription or non-prescription lenses.

What do they do?

Focals let you see and respond to texts, get turn-by-turn directions, check the weather, request an Uber, talk to Amazon Alexa and more — seamlessly and immediately. The glanceable and minimalist interface gives you control over what’s happening in your digital world without pulling you away from what’s in front of you.

What platform supports Focals?

Focals is compatible with Android and iOS devices. See our tech specs to learn more.

How can I buy Focals?

We have reached our production milestone for the first generation of Focals and are no longer accepting orders. We will continue to support all existing Focals owners though our Support Center.

North Showrooms

Where are North Showrooms?

North has Flagship Showrooms in Brooklyn, NY and Toronto, ON. Visit our Find us page to learn more.


What prescription range does Focals support?

Focals is available in single vision prescriptions ranging from -4.00 to +2.00 SPH and 0 to -2.00 CYL.

How do I read my prescription?

A prescription will usually have the following values and acronyms:

  • O.D., denotes values for the Right eye
  • O.S., denotes values for the Left eye
  • SPH refers to Sphere value, which is an important section of your Rx.
    • The strength of your myopia (nearsightedness) is noted with a minus (-) sign.
    • The strength of your hyperopia (farsightedness) is noted with a plus (+) sign.
    • An infinity (∞) symbol, Pl or PL means you are neither nearsighted or farsighted.
    • There may be instances when the SPH number is written without a decimal point (e.g., 150 is the same as .1.50). The plus and minus symbols may also be written above the value rather than in front of it.
  • CYL refers to Cylinder value, which denotes whether or not you have astigmatism. If this section is empty or marked as DS or SPH, it means you do not have astigmatism.
  • AXIS indicates the location of your astigmatism. The value will be a whole number between 1 and 180 degrees. At this time, Focals does not support lenses for astigmatism over -2.00.
  • ADD indicates you need a multifocal lens, such as progressive, bifocal, etc. At this time, Focals does not support multifocal lenses.
  • PRISM is usually left with no value. If there is one noted, it means you have a special prescription due to a specific condition (e.g., eye turn). At this time, Focals does not support special prescriptions.

What is Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement and how can I measure it?

Your pupillary distance measures the distance between the centers of each eye. It is measured in millimeters and used to align the center of the lense with your pupils. Optometrists don’t normally provide this measure as it’s traditionally measured by Opticians when placing your order for glasses. However, Focals require your PD for both left and right eyes - please ask your eye care professional for this measure noted on your Rx.

Can I wear contacts with Focals?

Yes, you can wear contacts with non-prescription Focals.

Do I need to visit an eye doctor before ordering Focals?

For non-prescription Focals, you do not need to visit an eye doctor. For prescription Focals, you will need to have a valid prescription. Please request the optometrist measure and provide your pupillary distance for both left (LPD) and right (RPD) eyes on the prescription.

Do I need to see my optician once I receive my prescription Focals?

If you pick up your prescription Focals in-store or via one of our Pop-up Showrooms, one of our opticians will make the necessary adjustments. If you ordered your Focals via the Showroom iOS app, we recommend that you take your prescription Focals to your local optician along with these instructions.

Shipping, Returns and Warranty

What is your shipping policy?

Once manufactured, your Focals will be shipped using Fedex's shipping services. Most shipping locations will receive the package within two business days. You will receive an email notifying you of the tracking number. A signature is required upon delivery.

What is the return policy?

You may request a refund within 30-days from the day you received Focals. A restocking fee may be charged if a refund is requested after your order has started being built. Refund requests can be made by emailing our Customer Care team at Read the Hardware Terms of Sale for more details.

The restocking fee is $120 USD ($160 CAD) for non-prescription Focals and $160 USD ($200 CAD) for prescription Focals.

What is the warranty?

Focals have a 1-year limited warranty from the day you receive them. Read the Hardware Terms of Sale for more details.


Can I submit Focals to insurance?

Check with your insurance provider to see if Focals with prescription lenses will be covered by your insurance plan. For U.S. customers, you will need to submit our itemized receipt to your vision insurance plan for an out-of-network reimbursement.


How do I get in touch with the North press team?

Please visit our Press Room or email


Is Myo still available for sale?

No, sales of Myo stopped in October 2018. We will continue to provide support to all existing Myo customers.

Tech Specs

How can I learn more about the technical specifications for Focals and Loop?

You can learn more at


Does North have a developer program?

We don't currently have a developer program, but we're excited to share more soon. If you have something to share, email us at and we'll be in touch if the team would like to continue the conversation further.