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Frequently Asked Questions

North Showrooms

Where are North Showrooms located?

North Showrooms are now open in Brooklyn and Toronto, with Pop-up Showrooms opening across the country. Find us


What prescription range does Focals support?

Focals are available in prescriptions ranging from -4.00 to +2.00 SPH and 0 to -2.00 CYL. Prescription lenses are available now.

Can I wear contacts with Focals?

Yes, you can wear contacts with Focals.

Do I need to visit an eye doctor before ordering Focals?

For non-prescription Focals you do not need to visit an eye doctor. To order Focals with prescription lenses you will need to have a valid prescription.

Shipping, Returns & Warranty

What is the return policy?

You may request a refund within 30-days from the day you ordered Focals. The restocking fee will be charged if a refund is requested after your order has started being custom-built. Refund requests can be made by emailing our friendly customer care team at Read the Hardware Terms of Sale for more details.

What is the warranty?

Focals have a 1-year limited warranty from the day you receive the product. Read the Hardware Terms of Sale for more details.


Can I submit Focals to insurance?

Check with your insurance provider to see if Focals with prescription lenses will be covered by your insurance plan.


Please visit our press room or email


Is Myo still available for sale?

No, sales of Myo stopped in October 2018. We will continue to provide support to all existing Myo customers.

Tech Specs

How can I learn more about the technical specifications for Focals and Loop?

You can learn more at


Does North have a developer program?

We don't currently have a developer program, but we're excited to share more soon. If you have something to share, email us at and we'll be in touch!