How to get Focals

Custom crafted to your exact measurements

Visit a North Showroom to get started.

Focals are custom-built using a unique sizing process and require two visits to a North Showroom in either Brooklyn or Toronto.

Step One

Reserve your sizing appointment

Sizing appointments in Brooklyn & Toronto are available on a first come first served basis. Book now to be first in line.

Not near Brooklyn or Toronto? You can still reserve your place in line.

Step Two

Your Focals sizing appointment

To ensure the display is fully visible, Focals require a sizing appointment at one of our North Showrooms. During your visit, we’ll capture a 3D scan of your head so we can build you a pair of glasses that fit and function perfectly.

With the current range of sizes we produce, Focals can fit most—but not all—people. Learn more

Step Three

Wait while we make your pair

Once you visit a Showroom and confirm your order, we’ll use your 3D scan to build Focals just for you.

Focals Classic will start shipping in limited quantities in December 2018. Focals Round will start shipping in 2019.

Step Four

Your Focals pick-up appointment

When Focals are ready, we'll let you know that it's time to book your pick-up appointment. You’ll need to return to the same Showroom where you were sized to have a licensed optician ensure they look great and work properly.

Get your smartest pair of glasses.