The technology doesn't stop at the frames

The lenses in each pair of Focals are custom made by North.

A borderless display, powered by a new type of optics

The holograms in Focals are tuned to only reflect extremely precise wavelengths of red, green, and blue light, allowing all other light to pass through them unaffected.

This allows us to provide a truly borderless and invisible display experience rather than interfering with your vision and blocking or obscuring any part of the world.

Focals Classic

Of course, all our lenses come with the features you expect from any pair of glasses.


Anti-reflective coating


UV protection


Scratch resistant coating


Water repellent coating

Prescription Lenses - Coming Soon

Prescription lenses will be available for Focals soon. Stay tuned for updates on when they will begin shipping.


Focals will be available in prescriptions ranging from -4.00 to +2.00 SPH and 0 to -2.00 CYL.


Check with your insurance provider to see if Focals with prescription lenses will be covered by your insurance plan.


Non-prescription lenses are available now and start shipping in limited quantities in December 2018.

Sun Clips

Sun Clips

The perfect accessory to Focals, our sun clips offer stylish and convenient sun protection, blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

Get your smartest pair of glasses.