February 14, 2019

North Announces Availability of Prescription Focals, New Pricing Structure Starting at $599

February 14, Waterloo, ON: Today, North announces that Focals smart glasses are now available with prescription lenses. These lenses, which fit a range of −4 to +2 SPH & 0 to − 2 CYL, are premium quality and custom made in-house at North’s advanced manufacturing facility in Waterloo, Ontario. All lenses come with anti-reflective and UV protective coatings.

To get prescription Focals, customers simply upload their prescription online prior to their in-store appointment or bring it to one of North’s Flagship Showrooms (or upcoming Pop-up Showrooms) in-person. Appointments can be made here, but customers can also just walk-in without a reservation.

In addition to the availability of prescription Focals, today North introduced a new pricing structure. Focals now start at $599 USD ($799 CAD), with prescription lenses available for an additional $200 USD ($200 CAD). Premium lenses, alternative colors (Tortoise, Grey Fade) and limited edition silhouettes are also available for $100 USD ($139 CAD) each.

This new pricing structure better reflects what customers expect from eyewear. Customers will have a greater level of customization with a more affordable base price and the flexibility to upgrade their Focals based on their personal preferences.

Customers who previously bought at the original price point will receive a refund for the difference in price.

About Focals

Focals are a pair of custom-built smart glasses with a transparent, holographic display that only the wearer can see. This display floats an arm’s length in front of you and connects you to the people you care about, the information you need and the places you want to go. Focals let you see and respond to texts, get turn-by-turn directions, check the weather, request an Uber, talk to Amazon Alexa and more — seamlessly and immediately. The glanceable and minimalist interface gives you control over what’s happening in your digital world without pulling you away from what’s in front of you. Focals come in two frames (Classic and Round), three colors (Black, Tortoise, and Grey Fade) and offer either prescription or non-prescription lenses. All orders include Loop, Charging Case and Sun Clips.

About North

North builds products that change the way see and engage with our world. North’s latest product, Focals was announced in October 2018 and is now sold in Showrooms in Brooklyn and Toronto. Founded in 2012 by three graduates of the University of Waterloo's mechatronics engineering program, Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey, Aaron Grant, North has grown to a world-leading team of engineers, researchers, designers and creators. North has raised over $140M USD to date from investors including the Amazon Alexa Fund, Intel Capital and more.

Media Contact

Alexander Ingram